Entrepreneur Profile: Amanda Hasler and The Knitter’s Nest

Amanda Hasler grew up in Powell River, but left for school and work after completing high school, and returned to live in town several years ago.

“I completed both a diploma and also a degree in nursing, then moved around for work, including working in Whitehorse,” said Hasler. “Getting married and having kids really made us think about the kind of place we wanted to live, so we came back to Powell River.”

Hasler works as a nurse at the Powell River Hospital, and in August 2019, she also became an entrepreneur, opening The Knitter’s Nest yarn shop in Townsite Market.

Amanda Hasler welcomes everyone to The Knitter's Nest

“The thing with Powell River is, you don’t come here for a job, you come for a lifestyle,” she said. “I was able to start a business and still work at the hospital – I didn’t have to choose one or the other. I love the diversity that kind of opportunity brings to Powell River.”

Despite only being open for six months before the COVID-19 pandemic began, The Knitter’s Nest is thriving. “All the things that I’d hoped would happen with the shop have happened, even with COVID,” she said. “There is a big sense of community around us, even though we can’t get together for classes or knit nights right now. As well, people from all over BC and even Alberta are calling to order yarn they saw us post on Instagram. That kind of reach makes you feel special; even though there’s always ways to improve, even people outside of Powell River are excited about what I’m excited about.”

Projects on display

Enhancing that sense of community inherent in Powell River was the impetus behind starting her own business. “I kind of have an addiction to yarn, and everywhere I’ve lived, I was always part of a knitting group,” said Hasler. “I found that community of people always helped charge up my heart for the week and kept me going – having conversations, laughing together, and being inspired by each other – and I didn’t have that in Powell River when I came back. So my shop is built around the idea of bringing people together.”

The newly renovated and opened Townsite Market was also the perfect retail space for her vision. “Townsite Market was just opening when I was looking for a place to rent, and it was perfect for what I wanted the shop to be. There’s both a lot of history and a great sense of positivity around the future in Townsite. Plus I live just up the street, so I can walk to work!”


The ease of travel to her shop isn’t the only part of Powell River Hasler loves. “I would always find a place to live close to the hospital so I didn’t have to drive or pay for parking, but I don’t have to do that in Powell River, because we don’t have a rush hour,” she said. “You can get anywhere in Powell River within five or ten minutes any time of day. There’s also a growing community of families with young children like mine, and we’re all working together to build a community for our kids. I feel like Powell River is very neighbourly and welcoming. Everybody is smiling and welcoming to each other. We’re all in it together, and we have to have each others’ backs.”


Hasler loves the excitement and energy that exists in Powell River. “I had a lot of support when I was starting my business,” she said. “If it weren’t for people constantly saying ‘please open this shop, go in that direction,’ I’m not sure I would have done it, but I can’t imagine my life without The Knitter’s Nest now. My advice for people thinking of starting a business in Powell River is to follow your heart, and of course, make a business plan!”

Find out what’s going on with Amanda and The Knitter’s Nest on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/knittersnestyarns/.

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